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Multiple and Complementary Structure

Lojas Americanas has a multiple and complementary sales structure. In addition to the brick-and-mortar store network, the Company also operates with B2W Digital to reach customers with a wide range of products and services via the Internet, telephone, catalogues, TV and kiosks, that complement the range of products in the physical stores.


B2W Digital is the Latin American leading e-commerce company and its purpose is to connect people, businesses, products and services through a digital platform. B2W has the largest and most esteemed internet brands (, Submarino, Shoptime and SouBarato) and a rapidly growing Marketplace operation. Lojas Americanas’ participation in B2W Digital on August 31th 2018 was 61.57%.


The following organizational chart illustrates the integrated approach of Lojas Americanas:


                                                                                                                  Participation: 61.57%*



*Position on 08/31/2018 


Lojas Americanas offers two store formats: Traditional and Express. Additionally, the Company is developing the new convenience store model with a mix of products directed to food convenience.

The Traditional format has large stores, an average sales area of 1,000 square meters, an assortment of up to 60,000 items and daily inventory replenishment. There are more than 45 departments, such as housewares, toys, games, candies, perfumery, stationery, electronics, personal hygiene and apparel, among others.

The Express model features an assortment suited to the characteristics and demands of the locations and consumer profiles, offering convenience products in the neighborhoods in which they live or close to their work. This model sells up to 15,000 carefully selected items, the selling space averages 400 square meters and the "just-in-time" logistics system is applied.

B2W Digital

B2W Digital

B2W DIGITAL ( the company that resulted from the merger between and the e-commerce portal, Submarino. The merger was approved by the shareholders of both companies at Shareholder Meetings held on December 13, 2006.

The merger was submitted to the Brazilian Antitrust authorities (CADE - the Administrative Council for Economic Protection, SDE - the Department for Economic Law, and SEAE - the Department for Economic Monitoring) in accordance with the timeframes and procedures set out in Brazilian Legislation.


The Company features the largest and most esteemed brands on the Internet (, Submarino, Shoptime, and Sou Barato) and operates the rapidly growing Marketplace. Methodically constructed over the past several years, the platform allows B2W to also offer technology, logistics, distribution, customer service, and consumer financing services.

Operating for the past 13 years in e-commerce, is Brazil’s largest and most complete Internet store. The brand offers more than 500,000 items distributed in 32 categories such as computers, home appliances, electronics, cellphones, furniture, domestic utensils, toys, books and much more.

Besides the online channel, the marketing operation is also conducted through telephone sales and more than 700 kiosks located inside Lojas Americanas stores. The kiosks are designed to offer the best client purchase experience, with competitive prices and the comfort of receiving the product in one’s own home. It also provides additional options, such as different means of payment, and contributes to digital inclusion, in many cases offering clients their first online shopping experience with the help of a trained associate.

In 2012, the brand launched a "Jet Delivery" service for more than 10,000 items for same-day-purchase delivery to clients in the city of São Paulo. Furthermore, has developed an application for smartphones, with a search tool that makes it possible to seek items using a bar code and providing the address of the Lojas Americanas store closest to the customer. Another search tool the brand offers is "Caixa Expresso" (Express Check-Out), a speedier and easier way of concluding an Internet purchase.

The brand also operates a travel agency (, B2B (business-to-business) services and a wedding list service.

In 2012, the brand was six-time champion in the Datafolha Institute’s Top of Mind Award in the e-commerce category, and elected the preferred brand of residents of Rio de Janeiro in the Purchase Site category, according to "O Globo" newspaper.

Operating in the sector for 13 years, Submarino ( – a pioneering online store and the benchmark for technology and innovation – offers more than 30 product categories through its sale channels: Internet, telephone sales and catalogues, with a strong emphasis on the sale of books, CDs, DVDs, electronics, computers, telephone products, games and online services.

Moreover, Submarino has been consolidating itself through other services, such as Submarino Viagens travel site (, Submarino on Demand (sale of streaming digital films), B2B (business-to-business) services and the Submarino card ( – a credit card that offers exclusive advantages on the Submarino and Submarino Viagens websites.

Designed to serve consumers in an easier, faster and fully encompassing manner, Submarino has developed cell phone apps for models such as iPhone, Nokia and Android, with the following features: search by QRCode, search by barcode, native (faster) browsing, product promotions on the home page and 1-Click purchasing.

Submarino sponsors a number of events, and is present at national and international activities such as Campus Party Brasil, the São Paulo Book Biennial and Rock in Rio.

Shoptime ( is Brazil’s first home shopping (television sales) and operates through internet, telesales and catalogues. The TV channel reaches more than 28 million Brazilian households, of which more than 12 million with pay-TV subscriptions (Sky 19 and Net 31 channels) and more than 16 million connected to satellite television (Vertical 5B), with interactive transmission including more than 11 hours of live programming 7 days a week. Since 1995, the television channel broadcasts 24 hours a day, ensuring speed and improved interaction for clients’ shopping experiences. The catalogue is distributed five times a year throughout Brazil with a printing run of 400,000 copies each.

Shoptime currently offers 23 product categories. Shoptime’s assortment focus is on articles marketed under the Shoptime brand, with an emphasis on portable appliances (Fun Kitchen), bed, bath and dining (Casa & Conforto), housewares (La Cuisine) and sports and leisure products (Life Zone). The computer and technology department also plays an important role in the brand’s product mix.

Furthermore, Shoptime operates a travel agency through Shoptime Viagens (