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Americanas Universe


Lojas Americanas has developed, over time, different business fronts that have become powerful platforms, designed in a unique approach in order to better serve customers. Combined, the physical and digital platforms, and the innovation engine, constitute the Americanas Universe.


Physical Platform

The physical platform has five store formats: Traditional, Express, Convenience, Digital and Ame Go. The complementarity in the store portfolio allows the Company to address the different consumer journeys and be present in multiple locations, being increasingly relevant on the day-to-day life of our customers.

The Traditional format has large stores, an average sales area of 1,000 square meters, an assortment of up to 60,000 items and daily inventory replenishment. There are more than 45 departments, such as housewares, toys, games, candies, perfumery, stationery, electronics, personal hygiene and apparel, among others.

The Express model features an assortment suited to the characteristics and demands of the locations and consumer profiles, offering convenience products in the neighborhoods in which they live or close to their work. This model sells up to 15,000 carefully selected items, the selling space averages 400 square meters and the "just-in-time" logistics system is applied.

The convenience format, under the brand local, has an average sales area of 100 square meters, daily stock replenishment and 80% of the product mix aimed at food convenience and assortment of up to 3,000 items.

Ame Go is an autonomous store format, with exclusive technology in Brazil. It has an average sales area of 50 square meters and an assortment aimed at convenience, allowing frictionless purchases without queues or checkouts.

Americanas Digital is the Company's latest store format. It has an average area of ??70m², about 70% of the assortment made up of electronics. The store also functions as a services hub, offering credit, insurance, assisted sales and O2O solutions.

Digital Platform

The digital platform was constituted with the creation of B2W Digital, which is a leader in e-commerce in Latin America and aims to connect people, businesses, products and services. Lojas Americanas is the controlling shareholder of B2W Digital, with a 61.42% interest currently. The Company's shares are traded under the BTOW3 code on B3, in the Novo Mercado segment, which has the highest Corporate Governance index in Brazil. B2W has the largest and most beloved brands on the internet, a rapidly growing marketplace operation, in addition to offering technology, logistics, distribution, customer service and payments solutions.

The biggest store. With the lowest prices is the largest Brazilian online store with millions of products available in more than 40 categories. Chosen by customers as the # 1 customer service and most beloved store on the internet, offers the best shopping experience and several delivery options to customers. The brand is democratic, inclusive and present in the daily lives of Brazilians. Customers can buy through the website, app or at kiosks installed in the stores and receive their products at home or in more than 1,700 Lojas Americanas, spread across the country.

Submarino is a digital brand, reference in books, games, technology and entertainment. The goal of the brand is to bring the best experience to customers, through the main subjects that happen on the internet and the biggest launches, always with quality content and curatorship done by those who understand the subject! In addition, our website and app have agile navigation to enhance our shopping experience and the search for new products.

Shoptime is the largest home shopping channel in Latin America. Specialized in the demonstration of live products, it is on the air 24 hours every day, bringing customers content and entertainment. Shoptime offers exclusive items and practical solutions for everyday life with its own brands Casa & Conforto (bed, table and bath), Fun Kitchen (small appliances), La Cuisine (housewares) and Life Zone (sports and leisure).