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Lojas Americanas S.A. is one of biggest and most traditional retail chains in Brazil. In activity for 89 years, the company has more than 1,320 stores in all of the national territory and 4 distribution centers, in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Uberlândia. The Company also operates in the e-commerce, represented by B2W - Companhia Digital. The chain sells more than 60,000 items from 2,000 different suppliers, which allows Lojas Americanas to have a major share of Brazilian trade in toys, chocolates, candies, lingerie, CDs and DVDs, games, health and beauty products and household utilities.



"Fulfill consumers dreams and meet the consumption needs of the people, sparing their time and money and exceeding their expectations."



“To be the best retail company in Brazil.”

The best company means:

  • Being regarded by customers as the best purchasing option;
  • Being considered by stockholders and investors as the best return in the segment;
  • Being an excellent option for professional development; 
  • Being an excellent distribution channel;
  • Being a social and environmental responsible Company.



  • Having the best people;
  • Being a good "Business Owner";
  • Pursuing excellence in the operation;
  • Having focus in the customer;
  • Delta – Making more and better every day;
  • Being obsessed for results.





  • A big and challenging dream makes everyone rowing in the same direction;
  • Good people, working together, growing to the extent of their talent and being rewarded for it, are the greatest assets of the Company;
  • Always have the best people on the team, train them, challenge them and retain them are the main tasks of the administrators;
  • Leadership by personal example is crucial, both in heroically attitudes and in small gestures of the day by day.


  • Focus is essential. You cannot be great in everything. You have to concentrate on the essential;
  • Everything has to have an owner with responsibility and authority. The debate is good, but in the end someone has to decide;
  • Common sense in as good as great knowledge. Simple is better than complicated.


  • Be paranoid about costs and expenses. These are only variables under our control and help ensure long-term survival;
  • Understanding speed, urgency and complacency zero as factors of durable competitive advantage;
  • Ethics, hard work and consistency are the foundation for the growth of the Company.