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Lojas Americanas SA is listed on the Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange (BM&FBOVESPA) since 1940. The Company has a shareholder base comprised of common shares (LAME3) and preferred shares (LAME4).

General Assembly

The Annual General Meeting shall be annual and shall occur in the first 4 months following the end of the fiscal year and the Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened whenever the Law and the Company's interests require the demonstration of shareholders.

Fiscal Year

From January 1st to December 31th.

Profit Participation

The amount to be distributed as employee participation is limited to 6% of net income and the distribution criteria are approved annually by the Board of Directors.

100% tag along rights to all shareholders

Since 2006, Lojas Americanas holds in its charter the obligation to grant full tag-along rights (100%) to common and preferred shares. This ensures that all Lojas Americanas shareholders will receive equal treatment in the event of change of control of the Company, the right to sell their shares on the same terms negotiated by the controlling shareholders.