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CVM Reports

The Brazilian CVM requires that public companies file financial statements four times per year, plus an annual report (IAN). Quarterly statements for the first three quarters of the year are filed on form ITR. There is no ITR for the fourth quarter. Year end statements are filed on form DFP.

Additionally, public companies are required to notify shareholders of material events by publishing "Relevant Notices" in the Brazilian newspapers.

All the files below are avaiable only in Portuguese. 



Notice to Debenture Holders
Format Name/Description Size Download
icon 01/15/2021 - Notice to Debenture Holders 405 KB download
Notice to Shareholders
Format Name/Description Size Download
icon 02/12/2021 - Notice to Shareholders (Portuguese Only) 469 KB download
icon 02/11/2021 - Notice to Shareholders (Portuguese Only) 430 KB download
icon 01/15/2021 - Notice to Shareholders 400 KB download
Material Facts
Format Name/Description Size Download
icon 02.19.2021 - Material Fact 526 KB download
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