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  • What is B2W?

    B2W Digital is the company that resulted from the merger between and the e-commerce portal, Submarino. The merger was approved by the shareholders of both companies at Shareholder Meetings held on December 13, 2006. The merger was submitted to the Brazilian Antitrust authorities (CADE - the Administrative Council for Economic Protection, SDE - the Department for Economic Law and SEAE - the Department for Economic Monitoring) in accordance with the timeframes and procedures set out in Brazilian Legislation. B2W Digital is the Latin American leading e-commerce company and its purpose is to connect people, businesses, products and services through a digital platform. B2W has the largest and most esteemed internet brands (, Submarino, Shoptime and SouBarato) and a rapidly growing Marketplace operation. Lojas Americanas’ participation in B2W Digital on October 31th 2017 was 62.02%.
  • Who is Lojas Americanas’ main public?

    Women aged 35/40.
  • How many stores does the company have?

    The company has more than 1,300 stores in 26 Brazilian states plus the Federal District, in more than 500 cities.
  • How many people visit the stores?

    Around 1.0 million people circulate through the stores every day, peaking at 2.0 million people during the main events.
  • How many items does the store carry?

    Around 60,000 items are offered for sale per store.